Budget Billing


The Town of Smyrna provides Budget Billing as an option to avoid seasonal peaks in electric bills by dividing payments evenly over the course of the entire year. The plan makes it easier to budget energy bills monthly because the regular monthly payment is known. 


Budget billing has 11 budget months and one settlement month each year. During each budget month, the bill will include the budget charge that is due before the due date listed on the bill. The utility bill will show the amount of actual charges used for that month, budget plan charge and the current budget difference. Each May, the budget installments will be reviewed and, if necessary, recalculated based on actual energy use. 

**May is settlement month. Any outstanding balance due in May must be paid in full by May 30th. Any remaining balance will be subject to disconnection for non-payment.** 

Calculating Charges & Payment Information

A budget charge is an average of the previous 12 months of usage. A 12-month history must be available at the property to qualify for budget billing. The settlement amount that is owed in May will include actual utility charges for that month, as well as the difference (plus or minus) between the amount you paid during the previous 11 budget months and the total charges during those months. 

Failure to pay the monthly budget amount will result in termination of services. The full deferred amount of the budget must be paid before reconnection of services. Budget billing will cease and the customer will not be eligible for budget billing until the next budget year.

Sign Up for Budget Billing

To be eligible, a customer must:

  • have a current utility account
  • 12 months of billing history

Customers can sign up for budget billing at any time during the year. The charges will begin the following billing cycle.

Fill out the Budget Billing Form, located HERE in order to take advantage of this service.

Remove from Budget Billing

To be removed from budget billing, the following information needs to be provided in writing. It will be effective the next billing cycle.

  • Account holder name
  • Account address
  • Account number
  • Contact phone number
  • Email

Submit via email: property@smyrna.delaware.gov

Submit in writing: mail to or drop off at Town Hall, located at 27 S Market St. Plaza, Smyrna, DE 19977

NOTE: If a customer requests to be removed from budget billing, they may not resign up until the next budget year, beginning in June.