The Town of Smyrna aims to provide the general public with the most accurate information possible through a variety of formats. View the available options below and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these resources.

Story Maps

View the following interactive maps online:

Town Boundary (PDF)

Town Boundary

Smyrna Zoning (PDF)

Smyrna Zoning

Open Space & Recreation (PDF)

Open Space and Recreation

Election Districts (PDF)

Election Districts

Future Land Use (PDF)

Future Land Use

Downtown Development District (PDF)

Downtown Development District

Historic Downtown Map (PDF)

Historic Downtown Map

Street Level Map of Smyrna (See Note)

Street Level Map of Smyrna

Note: Please use the "Street Level Map of Smyrna" to view a full size map, then access the "Directions" link located on the left-hand side of the page and type in your address.