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Ord. No. 001-21, ZO Amend._PVC Standards.final.pdf


Ord. No. 023-20 Tapping Fee Ord_11_20.pdf

Ord. No. 019-20 ZC Amendment_libraries theaters and churches_10_5_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 020-20, Economic Development Ord_9_18_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 022-20, Lake Como Ord._10_30_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 001-20, Fence Ord_approval standards.final.pdf

Ord. No. 003-20, ZC Amendment personal services.final.pdf

Ord. No. 006-20, Mobile Home Placement Ord.final.pdf

Ord. No. 013-20 Recyclables Ord_6_29_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 014-20 DEMEC director appointment_7_6_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 015-20 ZO Amend._PVC Standards_5_12_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 016-20 ZO Amend._tree distance_7_20_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 017-20 ZO Amend._signs on public property_6_17_20.final.pdf

Ord. No. 018-20 ZO Amend._LC_commercial uses_3_26_20.final.pdf


004-19, ZC Amendment_density provisions.final.pdf

009-19, Sign Ord. Amendments_12_3_19_final.pdf

005-19, ZC Housekeeping changes.final.pdf

010-19, Ordinance_economic development incentives.first.pd

f2018 Charter revision.pdf


001-18, Tree Ord amendment


003-17, Outdoor Gathering Facilities

004-17, Building Code Update

005-17, ZC Amendment CC Impervious Coverage

010-17, Vacant Building Registration Fees

007-17, ZC Amendment - Outdoor Storage

008-17, IORP CC - Microbrewery Distillery Food

009-17, Solid Waste Ordinance Amendment

012-17, FOIA Ord Amendment

011-17, ZC Amendment CC

014-17, SBO Amendment trees


001-16, Private wells

003-16, Religious institutions

004-16, Clubhouses

005-16, Breweries

006-16, Food Trucks


003-15, Annexation & Rezoning

001-15, Impact Fees

002-15, Buildings and Building Regulations, Redevelopment Authority, Facade Improvement Matching

004-15, Use of third-party collection agency

005-15, Vegetation, create and clarify appeals procedures

006-15, Utilities, Service Connections and point of delivery

007-15, Annexation & Rezoning, 4583 Brenford Rd.

008-15, Annexation & Rezoning, 604 W. South St.

012-15, Utilities, Generally, to clarify appointments to DEMEC Board of Directors

010-15, Primax Properties LLC ord setting zoning

011-15, 43 South Howard St ord setting zoning

013-15, App. A amendment to HC - brew pub

014-15, Crime free lease

015-15, Talley, Inc. ord setting zoning

016-15, Gott ord setting zoning

017-15, Snow removal

018-15 - Possession of Firearms

019-15 - Business Licenses


001-14, Utilities Service Classification

002-14, Traffic and Vehicles, Fines, Violations

010-14, Floodplain Regulations

003-14, Streets, Sidewalks, and Other Public Places, Regulate Placement of Recreational Equipment

004-14, Zoning, District Regulations, Compassion Centers

005-14, Zoning, District Regulations, Craft Distillery & Microbrewery

009-14, Buildings and Building Regulations, Redevelopment Authority

015-14, North Corridor - General

015-14, North Corridor - Parking

015-14, North Corridor - Common Amenity Space

015-14, North Corridor - Signage

015-14, North Corridor - Definitions

015-14, North Corridor - Use Table

011-14, Zoning, District Regulations, Private Clubs and Lodges

016-14, Utilities, Create Sewer and Water Capital Recovery Connection Fee

017-14, Impact Fees

018-14, Zoning, District Regulations, Design Standards to townhouse and apartment dwellings

021-14, Zoning, District Regulations, Central Commercial District

020-14, Zoning, District Regulations, design standards to townhouse and apartment dwellings


Planned Village Community

Regulate the Tethering of Dogs

Mowing Fees

Budget Reserve


Source Water Protection Area

Solar-Powered Electric Generation Parks

Mobile Home Permit Exemption

Traffic and Vehicles

Capital Program and Capital Budget

Parking of Commercial Vehicles

EIR Rate

Vacant Building & Registration Fees

Limited Manufacturing Zoning

Subdivision Trees

Craft Distillery and Microbrewery Establishments


Rescind Ex Officio Members of Committees

Solid Waste

Tampering with Electric Meter Equipment

Stopping, Standing, and Parking

Outdoor Smoking Regulations

HOA Requirements

Assessment Appeals

Real Property Tax Exemption 65+

Sidewalk Regulations

Rental Halls

Rainy Day Fund


Buildings and Building Regualtions - Building Code

Buildings and Building Regualtions - Residential

Buildings and Building Regulations - Plumbing Code

Buildings and Building Regulations - Sec 18-3 - I

Buildings and Building Regulations - Sec 18-4 - I

Demand Response

Flow Testing Charge

Subdivision and Land Development

Lake Como

Continuing Violations

Traffic and Vehicles

Solid Waste

Tampering with Electric Meter Equipment

Board of Adjustment Powers and Duties

Subdivision Improvement Construction Permits


Allowing the Use of Home Occupation

Committee Request


Facade Grant

Pharmacy Key

Church in Shopping Center

Peddlers and Solicitors

Emergency Operations Plan

Good Standing

Existing Building Code

Property Maintenance Code

Electric Rules and Regulations Ref Fee Schedule




Sex Offender


Vacant Buildings

Open Space

Hotel & Conference Center

Homeowner Association


Net Metering

Adult Use

Parking Regulations