Changing over to Waste Management

Town Trash/Recycling Services Switchover September 1st

Waste Management to Assume Operations

Smyrna, Delaware – On September 1, 2020, the Town of Smyrna residents will see Waste Management vehicles performing residential trash and recycling collections as the start of a new agreement approved by Town Council. Public Works will continue to collect yard waste. The change in provider afforded an opportunity to review the efficiencies of prior services to enhance customer experience. The following changes will occur September 1, 2020 to provide greater consistency with collections, limit missed pickups, and control costs for Town operations.

  • Waste Management will drop-off new trash and recycling collection carts the week of August 24th – 28th.
    o Waste Industries/GFL will collect their carts after their collections the same week.
    o Town of Smyrna blue carts will remain; GFL will not pickup these carts. If residents no longer desire the cart, please contact the Town for its pickup. These carts cannot be used for yard waste collections.
  • The Town will be divided into five (5) collection districts:
    o See attached map for collection day.
    o Trash and Recycling will be collected the same day.
    o All trash and recycling materials must be contained in the provided cart; items outside the cart will not be collected unless it is a bulk item called in advance of the service day.
  • Bulk pickup will be available on a weekly basis and must be called in by Noon on Fridays the week before the collection.
    o Bulk pickup items policy will be as follows:
    o Residents can receive a weekly bulk pickup.
    o Residents must call in advance the pickup or risk having the item left at the curb.
    o All items not fitting into the collection cart may be viewed as a bulk item.
    o Depending on the size/weight of the bulk pickup, a resident may be advised a Thursday collection day, which will be for large items.
    o One (1) item is permitted per week, such as a toilet, grill, recliner, or couch. A standard couch can be viewed as one time; a large sectional couch, for example, may require two collection dates.
    o This weekly service is in addition to the Town’s Spring and Fall clean out bulk pickup, which is performed by Public Works.

The Town appreciates everyone’s cooperation as the transition over to Waste Management occurs in the coming weeks. Adjusting to new collection days and bulk items will benefit the overall effectiveness of operations and with the desired outcome of consistent, low-cost service to the community. Waste Management is committed to working with the community and acknowledges the first couple weeks may have learning curves on new collection days, and having trash and recycling out the same day.

Press Release - Changeover to Waste Management (Final 08.19.2020) With Map.pdf

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