Yard Waste guidelines & bulk

In mid-March we announced that our new yard waste program was starting on April 5th. The town is repurposing the old blue and yellow containers for residential use. A personal container can also be used as long as it is 96-gallons or smaller and has a front metal bar. Decals are available and free of charge at Town Hall and Public Works.


To help residents transition into the new yard waste program, our Public Works team will be providing yard waste bulk collection until Friday September 3rd. Like with household bulk collection, yard waste bulk will be collected on Thursdays and Fridays and charged at $50. Any yard waste bulk that is put curbside after September 3rd will not be collected and could result in a code violation.


This is not to substitute tree removal or landscaping care services.


It is understandable that there could be and will be exceptions during the fall and winter months, weather depending, and those will be addressed as they come up.


See our guidelines and graphic below.


We will take items like:

Loose leaves/weeds

Small branches


Grass clippings

Cut flowers/house plants


We will not take items like:

Household waste

Concrete/patio bricks/rocks

Lumber/large stumps/full trees

Animal waste

Flower foam/pots/plastics

Construction debris

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