COVID-19 vaccine info

Every week we will be sending talking points on what's going on with the vaccine and base the following week's points on the questions we hear from you. Please find this week's edition below.

  • Can I register for the vaccine without internet?
    • If you or a loved one is 65 or older and would like to request a vaccine appointment, go to If you do not have computer access, you can call 1-833-643-1715 for assistance.
  • Can you get the vaccine if you've had COVID-19? Will it make you sick? 
    • Yes you can get the vaccine if you have had COVID-19.  Most people experience mild side effects from the vaccine.  The vaccine itself will not give you COVID-19.
  • Can you get the vaccine without insurance? 
    • The vaccine is free of charge to all Delawareans (the facility providing it may charge a fee, which should be covered by your insurance — if you are uninsured, it should be covered by the federal government).
  • Will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be effective? When do we expect that? 
    • The effectiveness of the J&J vaccine will be reviewed by the FDA as part of their decision to provide Emergency Use Authorization.  It is expected that Johnson and Johnson will submit for Emergency Use Authorization this month
  • I can't get my pharmacy to answer my call to book an appointment - are there any other ways? 
    • Delaware is using a variety of resources to let people know when they are eligible to get the vaccine. 
    • We suggest you stay on top of all the information out there, by: 

» Visiting for news as soon as new groups are able to get the vaccine 

» Following DPH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

» Watching, listening and reading the news for frequent updates from the state of Delaware 

» Paying attention to emails, mail, our website, advertising, and public service announcements 

» Talking with your healthcare provider or your employer 

    • Nearly  every day, more healthcare providers, pharmacies, and others are enrolling with the state in order to distribute the vaccine. Plus, new strategies are being developed to create more opportunities to get the vaccine at locations convenient to where you live and work. 

» Use all the resources listed above — especially and your healthcare provider — to find places you can get the vaccine once you are eligible. 

    • Delawareans 65 and older can find locations for vaccine appointments by going to and clicking on the button “Find Where to Get Vaccinated” under the heading, “Where can I get vaccinated if I am in Phase 1B?” This option allows you to request 

a vaccine through the state registration system, accessible at

If you use this option, please note: 

» Once you submit your request, you will be placed on a waiting list. 

» When a slot opens up, you will receive an email invitation from the CDC, followed by an email confirming your appointment, and a second email the day before or day of your appointment. The second confirmation email will have a link to complete a prescreening questionnaire. You must click on the link and complete all questions before going to your appointment. 

» Do not go to a state-run vaccination site unless you have a scheduled appointment. 

» If you or a loved one is 65 or older and would like to request a vaccine appointment, go to vaccinerequest.delaware.govIf you do not have computer access, you can call 1-833-643-1715 for assistance. 

» This option should not replace the opportunity to get the vaccine elsewhere. 

If you submit a request and then get an opportunity to get the vaccine from your healthcare provider, pharmacy, or employer, it is recommended you take that opportunity. 

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