American Public Power Week: 10/4-10

The American Public Power Association, APPA, has been the voice of not-for-profit, community-owned utilities for 80 years. Since 1940 APPA has grown to serve 2,000 towns and cities nationwide. This service is provided to more than 49 million people and employ 93,000 plus. Their vision is to help shape community-owned electric service. They join with members to promote, advocate, educate,and collaborate on what public power means and the services provided. Some things that the APPA does when they mean "Powering Strong Communities."

  • Connects the industry - a network of nationwide supporters and members work together to solve common issues and challenges.
  • Advocates for public power - representation in Congress, the White House, agencies, courts, and more.
  • Educates public power professionals - they host a number of events like webinars, conferences, and training programs, to help the industry employees keep up with the changing policies, regulations, customer needs, and available technologies.
  • Supports operational excellence - programs and resources are provided to help improve customer service, disaster preparation efforts, safety, physical and cybersecurity, and reliability.
  • Advances research and development - their Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments (DEED) program offers project grants and scholarships.
  • Coordinates disaster recovery - they help administer a mutual aid program to help restore utilities after storms and other disasters.
  •  Keeps the industry informed - new and analysis of latest trends, practices, and technology is provided, along with various digital content and noted accomplishments made by APPA members.
  • Promotes public power - tools and resources are offered to get members talking about public power and breakdown the information about public power utilities to the public.

There are 9 cities/towns who are part of the APPA membership via DEMEC:

  • Municipal Services Commission of the City of New Castle
  • City of Newark
  • Town of Middletown
  • Town of Clayton
  • Town of Smyrna
  • City of Dover
  • City of Milford
  • Lewes Board of Public Works
  • City of Seaford

This and so much more can be found on their website here
You can learn more about DEMEC here.



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