Historic District Review Board

Mission Statement: To preserve the beautiful heritage of the Town within the historic district. The Board may, subject to the Town Council’s approval, develop and adopt design guidelines to assist applicants in designing new structures or altering existing structures which will be compatible with the surrounding area and the historic preservation overlay district in which they are located. The Board also establishes guidelines to assist and advise applicants, to facilitate the board's review, and to educate the public.

Member Name Title Term Email Contact
Michael Reed Chair  April 2024 MReed@smyrna.delaware.gov
James Wolfe April 2024 JWolfe@smyrna.delaware.gov
Margaret (Peggy) Snow April 2023
Robert Keen April 2023 RKeen@smyrna.delaware.gov
Elvira Gary  April 2025 EGary@Smyrna.Delaware.gov
George DeBenedictis Staff GDebenedictis@smyrna.delaware.gov
Doug Burns Staff Designee DBurns@smyrna.delaware.gov