A message from DNREC: Division of Fish and Wildlife     

Starting in mid-March "Delaware's Mosquito Control Section will once again start its statewide spring woodland control program, (to control larval mosquitoes breeding in wet woodlands). We'll then be performing from early April into early November our usual range of other statewide efforts to control these pests and public health menaces, which can originate from coastal tidal marshes, freshwater wetlands, and within developed or domestic settings."

The town has agreed and signed DNREC's Municipality Endorsement, which will permit DE's Mosquito Control Section to spray around and within town limits with their ground equipment, (fogger), and/or their low-flying aircraft.

For more information check out DNREC's Mosquito Control site
You can also view the following documents: Mosquito Control in DE, Spraying Policy, and Insecticide Products/Safety Data Info.

If you are a resident of the town and have any questions or would like to request an area to be sprayed, please reach out to Valerie Heritage at 302-389-2326, or email her at vheritage@smyrna.delaware.gov.