27 S Market Street Plaza P.O. Box 307
Smyrna, DE 19977 Phone: (302) 653-9231

27 S Market St Plaza

Mike Rasmussen

Economic Development Committee

Mission Statement- To make recommendations to Town Council and Management on policies and programs that will increase economic development activity in the town, support the growth and success of small businesses, generate new jobs and tax revenue, and favorably position Smyrna in a competitive economic development landscape.

Economic Development Committee Members

Mike Rasmussen, Council/Chair

Joanne Masten

Marie Fontaine St. Pierre

Jennifer Sutter

Selina Francis

Ed Ide

Temple Carter

Chuck Spiegelman

Catherine Huidekoper

Rick Horsey

Seth Guzman

Larry Thompson

Regina Brown

Gary Stulir, staff

Jeremy Rothwell, staff