Committee Members

2020-2021 Committees/Commissions/Boards

(as of 10/30/20)

Audit Committee

Dawn Haw-Young, Chair

Charles Gilbert

Robert C. Johnson

Terence Gbassagee II

Cassandra Young, staff

Board of Adjustment (4 year terms)

Rodney Slaughter, Chair                                                                      

Sharon Wright                                                                                                  (last Tuesday in April 2022)

Marie Fontaine St. Pierre                                                                                  (last Tuesday in April 2023)   

James Veit                                                                                                       (last Tuesday in April 2024)

Dwayne Newnam                                                                                             (last Tuesday in April 2021)

George DeBenedictis, staff

Jeremy Rothwell, staff

Charter and Ordinance Review

William Pressley Sr., Council/Chair

Maggie Mann, Council

Valerie Forbes, Council

George DeBenedictis, staff

Contract Negotiation (Sub Committee of Personnel)

Valerie Forbes, Council/Chair

William Pressley Sr., Council

Tabitha Gott, Council

Andrew Haines, staff

Economic Development

Mike Rasmussen, Council/Chair

Joanne Masten

Marie Fontaine St. Pierre

Jennifer Sutter

Selina Francis

Ed Ide

Temple Carter

Chuck Spiegelman

Catherine Huidekoper

Rick Horsey

Seth Guzman

Larry Thompson

Regina Brown

Andrew Haines, staff

Jeremy Rothwell, staff

Election & Registration Board

Richard Ruben, Chair                                                                                       (appointed 1/4/10)

Beryl Cook                                                                                                      (appointed 1/4/10)

Ann Altieri                                                                                                      (appointed 2/18/14)

Geri McNeal, Alternate                                                                                     (appointed 2/18/14)

Susan McClements, Alternate                                                                           (appointed 3/18/19)

Joe Wilson, Alternate 

Nicole Stevenson, Alternate

James Markow, staff

Ethics Commission (5 year terms)

Alan Robinson, Chair                                                                                       (term 6/26/25) 

James Cubbage                                                                                                (term 6/26/22) 

Margaret Szewczyk                                                                                          (term 6/26/21) 

S. Chris Hudson                                                                                               (term 6/26/24)

Ginger Barkley                                                                                                 (term 6/26/23)

Finance Committee

Robert Johnson, Mayor/Chair 

Tabitha Gott, Council

Jerry DeBock

Robert P. Newnam  

David Thomas

Christine Cosgrove

Charles Gilbert

Cassandra Young, staff

Historic District Review Board (3 year terms)

Michael Reed, Chair                                                                                         (term-last Monday April 2021)

James Wolfe                                                                                                    (term-last Monday April 2021)

Margaret (Peggy) Snow                                                                                    (term-last Monday April 2023)

Robert Keen                                                                                                     (term-last Monday April 2023)

Ken Kost                                                                                                          (term-last Monday April 2022)

Elvira Gary 

George DeBenedictis, Staff

Doug Burns, Staff Designee

Housing Code Board of Appeals (staggered terms)

Brooks Keen, Chair                                                                                          (4 yr. term - term 2024)

Joseph Sheridan                                                                                                (2 yr. term - term 2021)

Gerald L. Manley Jr.                                                                                         (2 yr. term - term 2021)

Keith Faulkner                                                                                                 (3 yr. term - term 2023)

S. Chris Hudson                                                                                                  (3 yr. term - term 2023)

KCI Technologies (as long as KCI remains town engineer)

Parks & Recreation

To be announced, Chair

Tabitha Gott, Council

Gerald Brown, Council

Robert C. Johnson

Mike Pearson

Darryl Bowen

Brian Milburn

Danielle Pope, staff

Personnel Committee

William Pressley, Council/Chair

Valerie Forbes, Council

Maggie Mann, Council

Andrew Haines, staff

Planning & Zoning Commission (5 year terms)

Robert P. Newnam, Chair                                                                                 (last Tuesday April 2021)

Amy Retzlaff                                                                                                   (last Tuesday April 2022)

James Wolfe                                                                                                    (last Tuesday April 2025)

Michael McGrath                                                                                             (last Tuesday April 2024)

Michael Reed                                                                                                   (last Tuesday April 2023)

George DeBenedictis, staff

Jeremy Rothwell, staff

Public Safety Committee

Larry Thornton, Chair

William Pressley Sr., Council

Gerald Brown, Council

James Cubbage

Keith Faulkner

John Rutherford

Gerald Mood - Citizens Hose Company No. 1

American Legion Member

Torrie James, staff

Shade Tree Commission (3 year terms)

Valerie Forbes, Council/Chair                                                                           (term May 2023)

Tabitha Gott, Council                                                                                       (term May 2021)

William McAvoy                                                                                             (term May 2022)

Richard Pratt                                                                                                    (term May 2023)

Jason McNatt, staff

Smyrna Slum Clearance and Redevelopment Authority (5 year terms)

Charlotte Middleton, Co-Chair                                                                          (Term 2024)

David Thomas, Co-Chair                                                                                  (Term 2023)

Sharon Wright                                                                                                  (Term 2021)

Rick Horsey                                                                                                     (Term 2022)

Rick Bryson                                                                                                     (Term 2025)

George DeBenedictis, staff

Jeremy Rothwell, staff

Utility Committee

Gerald Brown, Council/Chair

Mike Rasmussen, Council

Maggie Mann, Council

Kimberly Schlichting

Evie Zerefos

Jason McNatt, staff