Buying A Home

Please call the Town office at 653-9231 to make sure the home you are buying is within town limits.

  • The application can be filled out as early as, but no more than, 5 days before settlement and up to the date of settlement.
  • An application for utilities can be filled out online. or done in Town hall via an Ipad.
  • Some form of I.D. is needed to complete the application.
    • If signing up before settlement, the papers can be dropped off afterward.
    • A deposit of $225 will need to be paid at Town hall in cash, check, or money order. The deposit can be dropped on in our brown box in front of Town hall, after hours, via check or money order only
    • $200, refundable deposit. $25, non-refundable processing fee

Utilities will consist of electric, trash, water, and/or sewer. Not all homes will have all four.

Chesapeake Utilities. is the gas provider. Please contact them regarding the switching of their service at 302-734-6700. They are located in Dover.