General Information

  • Tax assessments are NOT based on current appraisals or current market values.
  • Properties are only reassessed if a permit was completed for any additions, modifications, demolitions, etc. or if annexed into our Town Limits
  • You can appeal your assessed value every year on the first Monday in April.
  • The list of assessments shall be delivered to the Town Council before the first day of March.
  • The assessment list shall be made available to the public at Town Hall after the first Town Council meeting in March.
  • A public notice of the assessment list, the date, time, and place of appeals day shall be posted in five places and at least one in the newspaper 14 days prior to the appeals day.

The current tax rate is $0.44 per $100 of assessed value. To find out your tax amount, multiple your assessed value * tax rate / 100. For example, if your assessed value of your property is $100,000, your annual taxes would be $440.

Property Assessments by year