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Lake Como


  1. Fishing
  2. Pavilion
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Playground
  5. Water

Lake Como in Smyrna has a beach area with swimming, fishing, playground equipment, picnic tables, and pavilions. The lake is located at the south end of Main Street, where the road meets Route 13. The swimming area opens for the season on Memorial Day weekend and is open weekends until school is out. Then the swimming area is open seven days a week to Labor Day. Admission is free. The lake also has a boat ramp; however, there is a restriction of wake speed for motorboats. Boat licenses are available at the Smyrna Police Department on Glenwood Avenue, between School Lane and New Street.

Please visit our RecDesk site, here, to reserve one of the three pavilions or for special events.

DNREC monitors Lake Como's water throughout the summer. Check out their Recreational Water Monitoring site for more information and previous years' reports. You can also give them a call at, 302-739-9939.