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Posted on: August 31, 2016

Maintaining Sidewalks

Please inspect your sidewalks to be sure they are clear, accessible, and properly maintained.

All sidewalk areas shall be kept in a proper state of repair. The Town Code requires that if any sidewalk or portion thereof by virtue of its state of disrepair shall be constituted as a danger to public health and safety, the property owner will be requi...Read on...

Posted on: August 24, 2016

Electric Meter Obstructions

Keeping your electric meter clear of obstructions is not just an issue of assisting the meter readers, it’s a matter of safety.

The electric meter may need to be removed by the fire company during a fire emergency. The fire fighters ability to address the fire emergency may be delayed if the meter is hidden behind bushes or blocked by other items.

Please inspect the area aroun...Read on...

Posted on: August 17, 2016

Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Our pets are a part of our lives; they comfort, enrich, and give us more than we can ever give back. We must do our part to protect them in time of need.

Prepare now to protect your animal family members when an emergency or disaster strikes.

Prepare now to protect your animal family members when an emergency or disaster strikes.

In 2008, Delaware Animal Response, a section of the Delaware Department of ...Read on...

Posted on: August 10, 2016

Signs on Utility Poles

The town ordinance prohibits fastening of ANY OBJECT to utility poles. This includes yard sale signs, lost animal signs, car wash signs, etc.

Members of our Electric Crew have to climb utility poles, often at night when searching for a problem. A hole the size of a pin prick in one of their gloves can allow enough electricity through to electrocute a person. If there are nails, tacks, staples...Read on...

Posted on: July 1, 2016

DEMEC News Release

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season is Underway | Follow these twelve often overlooked safety tips to get ready for a storm.

Delawareans are encouraged to prepare now for the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, which started June 1 and ends Nov. 30. Forecasters are predicting this year to be more active than 2015 and a typical season, with the Atlantic basin expected to see 14-15 n...Read on...

DelDOT's Website
Posted on: June 27, 2016

Important Information About Your Drinking Water

Monitoring Requirements Not Met for Smyrna Water Department

Our water system violated drinking water standards over the past year. Even though these were not emergencies, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we are doing to correct these situations.

We are required to monitor your d...Read on...

Full Notice
Posted on: June 15, 2016

Recycling Facility Closed @ DHCI

With the closing of the recycling facility located at Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill (DHCI), residents having been asking where they can still take their recycling.

The two closest locations are listed below:
Cheswold Collection Station - 54 Fork Branch Road, Cheswold, DE 19936 (6.9 miles away)• Pine Tree Corners Transfer Station - 276 Pine Tree Corner Road, Townsend, DE 19734 (9.6 miles away)

For a list of mat...Read on...

DSWA Website
Posted on: June 15, 2016

Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane Season has officially begun. To prepare for the unexpected, families should prepare a Family Evacuation Supply Kit. Some of the items recommended to be included are:

• Copies of insurance cards, photo IDs, birth certificates, deeds, etc.
• Extra set of car and house keys• Credit and ATM cards
• Cash in small denominations• Bottled water
• Non-perishable foods• Self-charging or battery-operated radio w/extra b...Read on...

Posted on: June 2, 2016

Storm Preparedness Raffle Drawing

Emergency Preparedness Raffle

Smyrna sponsors 3rd annual emergency preparedness raffle. Enter contest at Town Hall located at 27 South Market Street Plaza, Smyrna, Delaware.

Preparing for an emergency includes staying informed. Enter to win a free weather radio for your home. Receive 24-hour-a-day National Weather Bureau Broadcasts no matter where you are. This handheld, portable unit has an ALERT system that turns the unit ...Read on...

Storm Prep Brochure
Posted on: April 21, 2016

Heating Repair/Replacement Program

First State Community Action Agency

The Replacing/Repairing Heaters & Conserving Energy (RRHACE) Program is a statewide program.

It is available to help income eligible home owners repair or replace furnaces, boilers and other direct heating components which are necessary to keep the home’s primary heating source functional. All repairs and replacements are completed by a licensed ...Read on...

First State Community Agency, Inc. Website
Posted on: August 7, 2013

Community Videos

Our online community videos!

Posted on: May 19, 2008

Energy Depot Program

The Town of Smyrna is pleased to offer you Energy Depot, a set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs.

The Town of Smyrna is pleased to offer you Energy Depot, a set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs.

Energy Depot is your one-stop resource for energy information and it's available for fre...Read on...

Energy Depot