Doing Business in Smyrna

In 2015, the Town Council passed Ordinance #019-15, having determined that it is necessary to establish a business license process in order to identify owners or operators of local businesses, track changes in ownership or business activity, define the nature of business activities, ensure understanding and compliance with town codes and ordinances, and improve the coordination between the town government and our local business community.

Businesses required to secure a license and register with the town include any person or entity engaged in the sale of goods or services, including, but not limited to, any retail, wholesale service, rental, food service, professional or personal service or other general commercial activity in the town.

Certain activities are exempted such as utility company operations, charitable or religious activities (except retail components thereof), exhibitors, yard sales, activities exempted pursuant to state law, or activities otherwise requiring a permit as a peddler or solicitor, contractor, or rental properties license.

While the ordinance was effective January 1, 2016, all businesses in existence prior to that date have until June 1, 2016, to obtain a business license which shall be valid for the balance of the 2016 calendar year. New businesses established after January 1 will be required to obtain a license prior to opening. Fees are waived during 2016 but will be set by the Town Manager each year, starting with renewals for the calendar year 2017. The fee for 2017 will be $50.00.

The town will make every effort to contact existing businesses to assist them in compliance with these new requirements; however, every business is encouraged to contact the Business Office (302-653-9231) to ensure that the requisite license and registration is obtained.

Apply online for your business license.  If you require assistance, please contact the IT Department at (302) 389-2315.

Please note that a Business License is for businesses or contractors that are physically located WITHIN town limits.  If you own a business OUTSIDE the town limits, a Contractor License is required.  Apply online here for your contractor license.