What can/cannot be recycled?

Acceptable Items
Aluminum cans/foil Corrugated cardboard Newspaper Telephone books
Boxboard (cereal boxes, etc.)
Envelopes Pizza boxes * White office paper
Catalogs Glass bottles Plastic containers **
Clean paper bags Junk mail Plastic grocery bags
Colored paper Magazines Steel/tin cans

* Free of cheese, sauce, and crust are OK for recycling
** Items labeled with: PET (#1), HDPE (#2), LDPE (#4), PP (#5), Mixed resins (#7) - see image below

Items Not Accepted
Aluminum foil (used/dirty) Computers * Organics, compostables, & yard waste *
Anything with food residue or liquids in it Electronics *
Plastic shell packaging
Building materials * Food waste
Rechargeable batteries *
Cell phones * Ink cartridges *
Ceramics or dishes Lightbulbs
TV's *
Chemical containers Monitors *
Waxed paper
Clear plastic film wrap
Motor oil containers *
Window glass or mirrors

* Can be recycled, but not through single-stream recycling.

For more information regarding items that are not accepted in single-stream recycling, please download the "How to Recycle - A Guide to Recycling In Delaware" booklet from the State of Delaware website or visit www.earth911.org.

Plastic resin codes